Freight forwarders association honours DC Dera Nnadi

Dera Nnadi receiving the award

Deputy Comptroller (DC) Dera Nnadi, the former Officer in Charge of the Enforcement Unit of the Nigeria Customs Service, Tin Can Island Port Command, has been rewarded with an Award of Excellence appreciation of his good work throughout the period he manned the Unit by the Association of Igbo Maritime Practitioners in Nigeria (ASIMPIN), Tin Can Chapter.

Presenting the award to Dera Nnadi, the Chairman of ASIMPIN, Tin Can Island Port Chapter, Chief Charles Igbokei described him as a seasoned public officer whose integrity and diligence to the Nigeria Customs Service and patriotism cannot in any way be subjected to scrutiny.

Chief Charles Igbokei thanked Nnadi for being a good example of a typical Igbo man due to his large heart and passionate commitment to duty, describing him as a worthy Igbo ambassador.

In his words, the National Financial Secretary of ASIMPIN and Tin Can Island Port Chapter Coordinator, Hon. Isaac Ndukwe said Deputy Comptroller Nnadi treated everyone equally, saying ‘’his fatherly disposition to freight forwarders regardless of tribe or religion has in no doubt endeared him to a lot of people as a public officer.’’

‘’At different fora where lgbo Maritime Practitioners had been privileged to be in your audience, you have always advised against circumvention of rules and all manner of sharp practices in carrying out our duties as freight forwarders. We are very proud of you, and we urge you to continue adding value to the Nigeria Customs Service and to humanity as well.”

In his words of appreciation, Deputy Comptroller Dera Nnadi who has been transferred from Tin Can Island Port Command to Idiroko Command in Ogun State after a three-year meritorious service as Head of the Enforcement Unit, thanked ASIMIPIN for the honour saying that he has drawn more courage and strength to continue, and promised to continue adding value not only to the Igbos but to the general public in line of duty as a public servant.

Dera advised members of the group to always be patriotic in their dealings by avoiding any form of infractions in their declarations, saying that doing their jobs in the right way remains the only way to stay afloat as freight forwarders.

The Association also honoured the Valuation Staff Officer of the Command, CSC Baba Kolo with an Award of Excellence for his disposition as a thoroughbred officer.

While presenting him with the award, ASIMPIN Chieftain Sir Nzeribe Ebere described CSC Kolo as a highly detribalized officer who has kept distinguishing himself by his passionate commitment to duty which is laced with an appreciable level of professionalism in the discharge of his duties as a revenue collector.

In his words, Kolo thanked the group for the show of love and appreciation, promising to always carry out his duties with the fear of God and with fairness to all. He advised the group to show patriotism by being compliant with the laid down rules in the course of business.

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