Future proofed terminal operations

Parallel Motion Fenders have been installed at an Argentinian port in order to increase safety and improve operational efficiency at the terminal.

Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure installed the new fenders at San Benito Terminal owned by Molinos Agro S.A. in Port of San Lorenzo, Santa Fe, Argentina.

They were designed in an unprecedented 14-hour timeframe and installed in collaboration with Orengo y Asociados & AC Ingeniería at the terminal in order to future-proof terminal operations.

”Taking into account the port’s specific requirements and operating conditions, our team, together with Molinos Agro S.A., conducted a comprehensive assessment to determine the best solution for securing the terminal operations,” said Richard Hepworth, president of Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure.

”Our extensive experience in fender design and engineering enabled us to offer a complete range of fender solutions that maximise investment, reduce downtime and maintenance costs in the long run.”

Hazard mitigation

As part of the agreement, Trelleborg engineered a state-of-the-art Parallel Motion Fender (PMF) Dual SCN 1400H with a panel measuring 2.8 metres by 7.5 metres.

The panel was mounted on a hinged frame with a double rubber fender and installed on all corners of the terminal. Weighing approximately 40 tonnes, the newly constructed fender system connects to the pier through a reticulated metallic structure that attaches to the piles with clamps and to the pier deck using chemical epoxy anchors.

The addition of steel beams between the piles evenly distributes the design impact loads.

Mr Hepworth said that Trelleborg’s PMF system provides high energy absorption capacity with over 60% less reaction forces than traditional fenders. Its unique design means that the front panel remains vertical during compressions and withstands a wide range of berthing angles without compromising energy absorption or performance.

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