Grimaldi: We have recorded good performances at 75 – MD

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Grimaldi Group has marked its 75th anniversary and said that it has recorded good performances in Environmental Sustainable and Green Future Project and as the number player in the Motorways of the Sea in Europe.

Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director of Grimaldi Group, stated this in a speech to mark the anniversary of the Group while opening the XXV Euromed Convention From Land to Sea, in Sorrento Italy, last week.

The convention was organised by Grimaldi Group. The convention is focusing on the energy transition process, which must be supported by a valid international strategy in terms of emission reduction. If, on the one hand, the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has the merit of also stimulating non-European countries to apply similar measures, on the other it is necessary to curb the risk of uneven and fragmented regulation that would ultimately lose its effectiveness. In this sense, the introduction of global directives by IMO (International Maritime Organization) would be preferable to achieve the goal of decarbonization.

Emanuele Grimaldi said the Group in 2022 sees the entry into the fleet of some seven new ro-ro vessels. They are all members of the GG5G (Grimaldi Green 5th Generation) class, namely the world’s largest and most eco-friendly, short sea ro-ro ships, with capacity for over 500 trailers per voyage.

In addition, the Group currently has 10 future fleet members under construction. These newbuilds, which are due for delivery within the next two years, are as follows: six multipurpose ro-ro G5 class ships for intercontinental routes, two Superstar class vessels for the transportation of freight and passengers for the subsidiary Finnlines, and two additional ro-ro ships belonging to the GG5G class.

Meanwhile, another order is about to be signed for 10 PCTCs (Pure Track Car Carriers) with loading capacity of 9,000 CEUs (Car Equivalent Units) each.

Together, the newbuilds will enable a marked reduction in pollutant emissions, ranging from 50% to 70% compared to a fleet of conventional cargo ships.

Furthermore, the Grimaldi Group has confirmed its partnerships with key players in marine technology innovation, with the aim of exploring and implementing an ever-increasing number of eco-friendly, state-of-the-art solutions.

As well as this major investment plan for fleet expansion and innovation, the Group has also undertaken an important program of acquisitions involving port terminals and logistics. In 2022, 33% of Antwerp Euroterminal was acquired, meaning that it is now wholly owned by the Grimaldi Group: this terminal has the biggest multi-storey car park in Belgium, with a total surface area of 172,000 m2 on 7 levels and room for 9,700 vehicles.

The Grimaldi Group also acquired a 90% shareholding in Brucato De.T.A., a leading Sicilian intermodal transport company operating internationally. Further investments in terminals and logistics are already in the pipeline, in Northern Europe, Greece, Italy and Spain.

“In the last 12 months the companies belonging to our Group have recorded their best ever performances,” said Managing Director Emanuele Grimaldi. “This was achieved thanks to our intelligent investment policy, to a 500,000-tonne fuel reduction across the fleet, to R&D of new marine technology, and to the substantial boost we’ve given to terminal and logistical activities.”

“Following the recent launch of our regular service carrying vehicles between Europe and the Far East, we can celebrate our 75th anniversary by proudly flying the Grimaldi Group flag on all the world’s seas and all five continents.”

Emanuele Grimaldi

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