Konecranes, Pesmel to build automated warehouse container handling systems

Artist illustration of the Warehouse

Konecranes says is partnering with Pesmel to supply automated warehouse container handling technology that revolutionizes material handling in logistics hubs and distribution centers.

According to a statement by Konecranes, Konecranes and Pesmel on 25 November 2021 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide the globally available new solution under the Konecranes brand.

The solution will handle containers fully automatically in a high-bay warehouse, where they are stacked up to 14 high. This reduces the space needed for containers by up to 80%. Automated container tracking is part of a management system that can be integrated easily with the facility’s overall logistics management system.

Tero Vallas, Business Development Manager, Konecranes Port Solutions, said: “Many logistics operations and distribution centers are faced with handling a large number of incoming and outgoing containers, with great operational complexity and an increasing scarcity of land. Now, from Konecranes and Pesmel, warehouse container handling solutions are available that will impose order on the container chaos while eliminating the complexity, improving throughput, and also greatly reducing the space needed for containers in logistics hubs and distribution centers.”

“Container shipping is expected to grow in the future, both in volume and speed. The better containers are handled at logistics hubs and distribution centers, the better their customers will be served, in ways that give decisive competitive advantage. Konecranes and Pesmel are here to give that advantage.”

Tony Leikas, CEO, Pesmel, said “Partnering with Konecranes is a great opportunity for Pesmel to bring our high-bay warehouse technology into a ­­­new business area.”

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