LADOL holds annual safety week

LADOL has commenced its annual safety week to highlight the company’s safety best practices, share learnings with stakeholders and new targets for safety in the coming year.

 LADOL’s Managing Director, Dr Amy Jadesimi stated “Safety and quality is at the heart of best business practices. While growing LADOL we always put in place the policies, procedures and work instructions needed to ensure quality and safety for ourselves and our clients. This week is a celebration of our many achievements, including becoming the first company in West and North Africa to be ISO 45001 certified. The week is also a call to action as we have to continuously improve and reach greater heights each year. Thank you to all our staff and stakeholders for your years of hard work and support.”

Speaking at the opening day of the event, LADOL’s Executive Director Business Development, Mr. Jide Jadesimi who signed the safety commitment banner said safety remains at the core of the company’s operations, “Because of the importance of this event and safe practice in the company, other personal engagements have to be put on hold. I want everyone to see themselves as safety champions. LADOL has reached a stage where we’ve grown to meet and exceed international standards, due to the hard work and talent of our staff and the support of our stakeholders. Well done to everyone for bringing your hearts and minds to everything we are doing,”

 Mr. Obi Mac-Arthur, LADOL’s SHEQ Manager said that high safety culture is the cheapest and most effective insurance policy stressing that Safety isn’t a hobby, it’s a living.

He said that the choice of the theme for this year’s safety week “Making Safe Choices” was born out of the need to continuously inculcate positive safety culture, ensuring Zero risk tolerance in all operations.

 “This year’s event is unique as it coincides with the launch of “LADOL’s Employee Continuous learning Centre”. I want to emphasize one of the core truths about safety. It is a job not just for people who have “safety” in their title. It’s a job for everyone, everywhere, every day. It never stops. It takes all of us to think about safety and to actively discuss these issues in order to reach the next level” Mac-Arthur said.

Features of the events includes safety quiz, safety puzzle, safety games all emphasizing teamwork and Safe systems of work, Drama, team Dances, Fitness and Health Checks; occupational H&S speech on “MAKING SAFE CHOICES by and OH&S professional; Mr. Abiodun Gbalaho (CSP,GradIOSH) and short occupational talk by the company’s HMO.

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