Liebherr introduces new floating CBG 360 crane into market

Liebherr's new CBG 360 crane

Liebherr has extended its range of CBG cranes with the introduction of a new model, CBG 360, a floating crane into the market, said a press statement by Thomas Jähnig, Marketing Maritime Cranes, Liebherr, Rostock, Germany.
Jahnig said the new innovation, the CBG 360, is a robust four-rope grab crane designed for high speed bulk handling.
According to him, “Many years of experience from the operation of the preceding model, the CBG 350, have been put into the development of the new crane, which has a maximum capacity of 60 tonnes in hook operation and 48 tonnes in grab operation. Boom lengths between 26 and 36 metres are possible and the outreach of the crane can be extended by up to 12 metres through an additional excentre platform.
“As in all cranes of the CBG series, the most important hydraulic and mechanical parts are positioned in a dustproof machine house making the CBG 360 particularly resistant against diverse weather conditions. The specially developed high performance winches are designed for continuous operation and ensure constant and reliable performance with full load.”
Speaking on the safety device of the machine, he said “additionally, they have one safety winding which has a positive effect on the service life of the ropes. The rope pulleys and the ropes themselves have been further developed in order to ensure an increased capacity and service life. Improved access to all crane components is ensured thanks to new additional maintenance platforms on the slewing column and boom providing optimum maintenance conditions.
“The customized extended cabin supports excellent vision for the crane driver and so increases safety during operation. Litronic®, Liebherr’s own integrated control system automatically monitors the crane’s heel and trim and responds with the appropriate emergency programme in critical situations. Therefore, the crane is not only suitable for operation in sheltered waters but also in open seas for servicing vessels up to Capesize.
“The complete development of the CBG 360 was carried out in consideration of the European Parliament’s directive 2006/42/EC and is therefore CE certified. The CBG 360 has been developed by Liebherr to meet with the current market requirements and is further proof of advanced technology from Liebherr. It is now available as part of Liebherr’s range of maritime cranes,” Thomas Jahnig said.

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