Modernisation will lower port emissions

Port of Kapellskär needs to be modernised to cater for cleaner larger vessels Photo: Stockholms Hamnar

One European port is making an environmental investment that aims to significantly lower emissions of carbon dioxide and air pollutants it produces.

Ports of Stockholm has applied for an EU investment grant for a project that will modernise the Port of Kapellskär to adapt it for the cleaner larger vessels that Finnlines plans to introduce in a few years’ time.

“The Port of Kapellskär is one of the most important maritime links for the transport of goods and passengers within Europe,” said Bino Drummond, Deputy Chairman of Kapellskärs Hamn AB.

“With the planned actions Ports of Stockholm can continue its work of making climate and environmental sustainability an integrated part of its operations.”

Joint project

The grant is a joint application between the Ports of Stockholm and the Port of Naantali, with the shipping company Finnlines as coordinator.

It will help the ports meet customer demand and future needs including auto-mooring capabilities and a new passenger tower.

The planned project will also require investments in facilities for the provision of onshore power for vessels at the quayside. This will mean in future vessels will be able to shut down their engines and operate using electricity from the local power grid.

Both ports both belong to the comprehensive EU network, the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

The planned EU grant application is part of the EU investment priority category “Motorways of the Sea”, where there is the possibility to be awarded 30% grant funding for the period 2020-2022.

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