Nigeria needs God’s forgiveness – Pastor Akinola

President Muhammadu Buhari and Pastor G.O. Akinola

Nigeria has been misled by her leaders and has departed from the path of righteousness, the manifestation of which is the end time signs of terrorism, kidnapping, arson, killing and  big theft which abound today.

This was the declaration of Pastor G.O Akinola, the Presiding Pastor and Founder of World Soul Revival Evangelistic Ministry of Nigeria in his First Quarter Message for the year 2019.

Akinola posited that Nigeria was steadily progressing in the British Colonial era until 1960 when Nigeria got political independence and dishonest political leaders took over.

‘’In Colonial terms, we progressed as a nation. We were the largest producer of agricultural products including palm produce, in the world. Our educational system was brilliant and we were heading for greatness, because we all had the fear of God and money had not taken over our conscience.

‘’But when the British left we had selfish, greedy and very dishonest leader in succession. Do you expect a nation that is Godless to excel? The answer is No. Nigeria is today is shambles, fumed Pastor Akinola.

The Man of God said it is time that Nigeria wakes up from slumber, from sin. ‘‘First and foremost, we must undergo a restitution for our sins as a nation to be forgiven. Our leaders must demonstrate a fear of God and love of fellow men. They must return all their loots, confess their sins so that God will forgive them. Then Nigeria will move forward and occupy the place it rightly belongs among the committee of nations’’, he submitted  

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