Nineteen banks hook up with Customs E-auction

After an initial pussyfooting and blame trading, nineteen commercial banks have now linked up with the Nigeria Customs Service E-auction platform, a development which has triggered an increase in popular participation of six thousand five hundred and sixty people out of which two hundred and fifty four winners emerged in the latest auction exercise.
A statement from the Customs headquarters in Abuja signed by National Public Relations Officer (PRO) Joseph Attah, DC, noted with optimism that with the participation of nineteen commercial banks bidders now have the advantage of checking in into the nearest banks to participate in the E-auction programme.
Attah said that challenges posed by fraudulent bidders have been tackled and the field is now transparent for all prospective bidders. He explained: “NCS has already taken steps to deal with the challenges posed by
fraudulent bidders who log in to frustrate other genuine bidders by
placing bogus and unrealistic figures. In some cases, they send SMS to
supposed winners congratulating them. Apart from de-activating the Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) of these elements, the option for second highest bidder to win when the highest
winner fails to pay has been jettisoned. In such situation, the item
reverts to the system for fresh bidding. Winners are informed only
through e-mails from the system not by SMS.
While the System is being re-programmed to automatically reject such
criminal antics, all fraudulent bidders are advised to keep off the
NCS e-auction platform and allow interested Nigerians to reap the
benefits of this transparent system that presents equal opportunity to

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