Proper customs cargo examination will enhance operations of SON, others – Aniebonam

It is believed that proper cargo examination by customs shall enhance the statutory functions of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, Standards Organisation of Nigeria and National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in the area of quality assurance and illicit drug war respectively.
This assertion was made by Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, Founder of National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) in a statement he personally issued in Lagos.
Aniebonam noted that the success of the destination inspection policy of the government is hinged on honest and sincere declaration by importers as he maintained that all the problems in port operations are man-made and self-inflicted, which are avoidable.

He averred that all agencies of government must exercise political will and patriotism to enforce regulations and trade laws, which he strongly believed would ease off all the problems.

‘’There is no gainsaying the fact that destination inspection trade policy of the government is primarily characterized by the ability of  declarants to make honest and sincere declaration for customs purposes  
at the customs ports. Other ancillaries thereto are basically for the  purposes of trade facilitation which shall include automation  facilities and risk management tools etc.

‘’The inherent benefit shall include but not limited to safety of trade  investments and customs licenses, enhanced revenue collection, trade  facilitation, adequate collection of trade statistics, suppression of  
smuggling activities and other ancillaries thereto. It is also important to note that proper customs cargo examination shall enhance  the statutory functions of NAFDAC, SON and NDLEA in the area of  
quality assurance and illicit drug war respectively.

‘’It is to NAGAFF that most of the problems in our ports operations are  manmade which is avoidable. May we therefore encourage the government  to ensure that all trade facilitation tools are adequately provided  including but not limited to automation tools, free access roads to  the ports and borders, trade data and simplification of processes and  procedures and indeed provision of adequate equipment for cargo operations at the terminals,’’ said Aniebonam.

‘’It is to us that the most critical point should be the political will  and patriotism on the part of the agencies of the government to enforce regulations and trade laws. We must emphasize that government   
is all about the general welfare of the greater numbers. The need to bridge the gap between the people and the government cannot be overemphasized in a democracy if we must achieve national development.  

‘’The expectation of NAGAFF is that the various agencies of the government assigned to port functions shall continue to engage the stakeholders at their various clusters of the organized trade groups.  It is therefore unproductive wherein, most of the leaderships simply  issue orders from their various offices without finding out the exact  situation operationally and or feedbacks from the stakeholders equally,’’ he added.

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