House of Reps frowns at how NPA sold 16 vessels at  N156 million in 2019

Mohammed Bello-Koko, NPA Managing Director

The House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee, chaired by Hon. Julius Ihonbvere, yesterday frowned at the incompetence of the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) delegation to answer questions on the sale of 45 million items/barrels at Lagos Ports Complex, Papa, Lagos in 2022 and therefore  adjourned the ongoing investigation into the disposal of public property by NPA till Monday next week.

The Ad-hoc Committee said the NPA  also sold 10,800,700 items at the sum of N1 each totalling N10.800 million in 2021 from the NPA Dockyard Papa, Lagos.

The Ad-hoc Committee was mandated to investigate the disposal of public property by the Agencies between 2010 and 2022 to unravel the extent of illegal auctioning of public property, non-remittance of revenue realized into the Consolidated Revenue Fund’.

Documents presented to the Ad-hoc Committee by NPA showed that the agency sold 16 vessels at the sum of N156,233,966.75 in 2019.

The vessels are: ML Pategi sold at N3,250,892.50; ML Misau sold at N1,056,142.50; PB Kabba sold at N5,355,892.50; SPB 3 sold at N53,396.25; PC Shelleng sold at N48,142.50; ML Sakwa sold at N531,142.50; Floating Dock V sold at N107,500,913.00; ML Tangeli sold at N538,413.74; while ML Tandama was sold at N538,474.75.

In the same vein, MT Bajima was sold at N8,437,642.40; PC Owatoloyo sold at N3,780,892.50; PC Umuahia sold at N2,688,413.75; MT Ibeto sold at N3,150,892.50; MT Owerri sold at N2,150,161.25; MT Bansara sold at N8,662,657.50 and MT Bashar sold at N8,882,657.50.

In the same vein, NPA sold 44 exotic vehicles including Ranger Pick Up, Toyota Coaster Buses, Toyota Corolla cars, Toyota Hiace cars, Toyota Camry Salon Cars, Toyota Hilux Pick Up cars, Isuzu Pick Up cars, Mitsubishi Jeeps, Mercedes Benz Truck, Land Rover Mini Fire Van, among others at the total sum of N31,848,948.

The documents further revealed that Land Rover Mini Fire Truck was sold at N20,000; Toyota Hilux Van sold at N50,000; Isuzu Pick Up Van sold at N30,000; Peugeot 504 Salon car sold at N20,000; another Toyota Hilux Van sold at N60,000; Mitsubishi Pick Up Van sold at N53,000; Ford Ranger sold at N60,000; another Isuzu Pick Up sold at N55,000;

The NPA also sold various office equipment such as generators and tanks, batteries, fuel tank, Craner, mast, vans, welding machine, motorcycles and bicycles at N22,721,754 in 2019.

In the same year, NPA sold 44 series of vehicles including Mitsubishi Pick Up Van at N21,735; Toyota Hilux Van at N50,000; Ford Ranger Pick Up Van at N60,000; among others.

While ruling, Hon. Ihonbvere directed the NPA delegation to come on Monday, along with the list of properties slated for auctioning, evaluation reports and name of registered Valuers involved in the transactions; including their reports, government approval from the office of Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), Federal Executive Council; including Certificate of No Objection where necessary, evidence of remittances into the Consolidated Revenue Fund, bidding procedures, newspaper publications, selection and every other documents that will assist the Ad-hoc Committee.

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