WCO develops new HS classification for COVID-19 vaccines as distribution begins

COVID-19 vaccine

As COVID-19 vaccines are ready for distribution, the World Customs Organisation’s Tariff and Trade Affairs Directorate, in close cooperation with the World Health Organization, has developed a new HS classification reference for vaccines and the medical consumables normally used during the vaccination process, including the equipment used for their storage and transportation.

The World Customs Organisation (WCO) Council has tasked the WCO Secretariat to work with relevant international organizations to develop guidance materials to facilitate the cross-border movement of critical medicines and vaccines for COVID-19.

The secretariat is also charged highlight existing HS classification for critical medicines, vaccines and associated medical supplies necessary for their manufacture, distribution and use.

The New HS classification reference for vaccines and related supplies and equipment can be found in the WCO COVID-19 vaccines distribution dedicated page.

In November 2020, the world witnessed the first announcements of COVID-19 vaccine candidates proving to be more than 90% effective based on first interim analysis of Phase 3 clinical trials results.

According to WCO, the vaccine distribution supply chain stakeholders had started their preparations for what is expected to be the world’s largest and fastest vaccine distribution operation ever.

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