We have solutions to your clearing hiccups –Go Agent tells customs agents

Good news for licensed customs agents and all stakeholders in the logistics trade including freight forwarders, truck owners and drivers, terminal operators, importers, exporters and indeed officers of the Nigeria Customs Service.

An organisation is in town with a solution to all the myriad of problems plaguing the customs clearing job and freight forwarding. Go Agent Nigeria Limited, an indigenous enterprise, says it has a near-perfect ICT-backed solution to resolve all operational hiccups, fast sped cargo-customs clearance while everybody including the customs, the terminal operators, agents, importers/exporters all smile home after a stress-free, rewarding transaction.

Ahamad Shehu, the Chief financial officer of Go Agent, told PortNews exclusively that the company is out primarily to close the huge yawning gap between importers from the Northern parts of Nigeria and customs agents and port stakeholders in Southern Nigeria while eliminating physical interface as much as possible with the application of ICT solutions.

“We have been here for about ten years and we have seen the problems and pains of people particularly from the North whose agents are in the south. So we act as a middle person between the agents and their importer. So, in short, we are inspired as an agent to agents and their importers and other operational client,” he explained.

Essentially, Go Agent provides an electronic platform that connects importers with verified clearing agents regulates the agents so that they don’t take advantage of importers or vice versa,” he explained.

On their modus operandi, Shehu said the operational word is Trust. He noted that Trust must be established and assured among the relevant stakeholders particularly the customs and the customs agents. “We are talking with the Customs to ease a lot of bottlenecks which were caused because of lack of trust and we are already seeing the positive result as it is, because we are a credible and a reputable brand,” he noted.

Go Agent is offering an electronic single window platform as a solution base to all logistics operations from anywhere in the world. “Go Agent wants to be a one-stop solution by providing a website where you can get everything you need to ease your business and we are looking at Ali Baba to give us a shop online. We have strategic plans for partners in South Africa, Egypt, India, China and Singapore. We hope to launch Africa on the global stage as a serious and considerable stakeholders in logistics and IT solutions.

Conclusively, Ahmed Shehu declared that Go Agents have solutions to problems hindering the customs clearance job and therefore called on all customs agents and importers to come over to his company for solutions.

“We are here for all our colleague customs agents as we have something to tell them, something to show them that will positively impact them and their profession and careers forever,” he submitted

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