World Ocean Council welcomes Ocean Sonics

The World Ocean Council (WOC) has announced that Ocean Sonics, world leaders in digital hydrophone design and underwater listening, has joined its fold.

Ocean Sonics believes passionately in sustainability, environmental and social stewardship, and understanding and protecting our oceans. In 2017 Ocean Sonics became a certified B Corp, further cementing our dedication to responsible exploration of our oceans. Now Ocean Sonics joins the WOC’s effort to contribute to the sustainable use of the ocean.

Desiree Stockermans, Operations Manager: “Ocean Sonics has built sustainability and ethical exploration of the ocean directly into our company mission and culture. We are thrilled to be joining the various industry leaders as the newest member of the World Ocean Council. We look forward to collaborating with other world leaders to further the WOC mandate of Corporate Ocean Responsibility.”

Paul Holthus, WOC Founding President and CEO said: “The WOC is pleased to have Ocean Sonics join our thriving Blue Economy Business Organization. Technology leaders are essential to providing the tools for understanding and addressing marine sound – a complex challenge that must be addressed on a global, multi-sector level to protect marine mammals and other biodiversity.

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